Bluebell Chicken Eggs //

28/08/2009 · They lay pale brown eggs. I got 2 bluebells plus 2 light sussex at the same time to go with my 2 older girls and a cockerel - they all got on OK from Day 1 after about an hour of being kept separate and I can handle my four new girls they are very calm but not the older ones. Our best-selling chicken, the famous "Easter Egger" lays eggs in shades of green, blue and sometimes light pinkish brown. Hardy in all weather, and sweet-tempered, ours have been incredibly long-lived as well. Easter Egger from My Pet Chicken. A hybrid chicken that carries the blue-egg gene of the true Araucana breed. Bluebell hens are based on the Rhode Island Red and Maran Hens. They get their name from their unusual blue coloured feathers and are a really beautiful look breed of chicken. They can be a larger hen that some of the other hybrid breeds and are brilliant layers, laying about 260 eggs in the year. 27/11/2011 · My Bluebell was the greediest chicken I've ever had!. She kept getting sour crop despite numerous trips to the vets & courses of Baytrill, Probiotic yoghurt etc etc. The only thing I didn't do - which I have learned since was to give her white maggots. Sour crop was her undoing in the end She was a really sweet chicken though.

19/05/2016 · Are you wondering what chicken breed to buy? Clare talks about 6 different breeds including the blue egg layers: Tufty Bar & Blue Angel, as well as other brown & white egg layers: Bluebell, Black Star, Goldline & Speckled Hen, in the 2nd part of our Getting Started with Chicken Keeping. 03/12/2016 · Chicken Laying an EGG close up view, best egg laying hens; philippine chicken egg layer; hen laying egg; 8 best egg laying chicken breeds; kodi guddu; egg how to come from chicken; growing chickens for egg production in the philippines; chickens laying eggs; chickens amazing egg laying trick; backyard chicken stories; egg. The Bluebell hen is an autosex hybrid developed by Meadowsweet, hence sometimes called a Meadowsweet Bluebell by crossing Maran & RIR. As a hybrid it cannot breed true and its eggs/chicks will revert to type according to the cockerel used to fertilise them. Four Chickens That Lay Blue Eggs Because White Ones Are Boring. Posted by Allie Layos. 4 months. Blogspot/From Home Wealth. Why have white eggs when you can have blue ones? You don't have much choice when you're buying chicken eggs from the store -- you're getting white ones, light brown or maybe dark brown eggs.

Double yolk eggs can be a fantastic treat for backyard chicken owners. Read on to learn how it is caused and if it is dangerous for your hens. I Know exactly how you feel! I used to have some and one day when we were gathering chicken eggs from the coop I didn’t see any Americana eggs and began to get a little consonerd until I found my dog laying over a whole bunch of BLUE eggs the ladies had laid in. 04/05/2013 · My bluebell was picking at the small chicken, well i decided to sit in the cage with them. Every time my bluebell picked at the other chicken, i gave it a nudge and said NO. Let me tell you the bluebell stopped after a while. And every time she tried i would say no. I just want my birds happy.

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